Are You Bored Yet?

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Artists' Corner, Spiritual Growth
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Is it just me, or has anyone else ever gotten bored with the internet from time to time? I know it’s hard to imagine getting bored with so much out there. We have managed to create a limitless supply of information, some of which is useful and interesting, some of which is degrading or distracting. We have created television sets that pipe a continuous feed of visual and auditory stimulation. Why have we done this to ourselves? The human need to be fascinated is something that God put within us. We long for the new, the sensational, the beautiful, the shocking. King Solomon noted, “The eye has never enough of seeing, nor the ear enough of hearing.” We are insatiable beings, created with an insatiable desire for more. Did God make us this way just to frustrate us or to make us turn to sin? That’s not our God.

God made us this way so that we would seek the One who is greater than ourselves. When I get bored of the input that I’m feeding myself, I have to ask the question, “Am I taking time to be fascinated by God himself?” I don’t believe that I have to remove all external stimuli to be fascinated by God, but I do have to set my heart on seeking things above in all that I see, taste, touch, or hear.

Perhaps you met God at a time when you were in need of much mercy. To you, he showed himself merciful and you rejoiced at that mercy. How long was it before you began to ask other questions of God, to seek to know more facets of God’s personality? Some seek God in his power. Others seek God in his majesty and beauty so often found through his creation. Still others seek God in his kingdom strategies throughout the earth. The point is that we never become satisfied with our view of God; that we continue to be students of the glory that has not fully been revealed. When you stop becoming fascinated by God, you can bet that idolatry has entered your life. How do I know? The principle is that humans will look at, adore, and become fascinated by something. We need it like we need air to breathe.

So give God your daydreams, your imaginations, your questions, your meanderings. Every time we turn our hearts toward him and ask, “What about you, God? What do you think? How do you feel? What are you doing?” we are worshipping and adoring him. We are rendering our hearts to him. Our dissatisfaction in life or “boredom” is meant to cause us to seek him and to find him. For some, that may mean going past pure head knowledge and asking for a heart revelation that impacts on an emotional level. For others, our boredom may stem from a shallowly emotional faith that needs to mature intellectually to more clearly understand the truths of God. What have you always wanted to know about God? What experiences have you heard of that you would love to have for yourself? Is there any truth that you want God to make you more fully aware of? Ask, seek, knock. He’s waiting with a surprise on the other side. He will never run out of ways to fascinate you.

  1. N.Bolen-Laase says:

    Leigh…. I love this. Thank you! I look forward to reading more!

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