As moms, it’s easy to forget why we do what we do. Some of us rely on our instincts to tell us to care for our children because we feel compelled to do so. Others of us know that God commends good mothers, so we do the best we can. However, for an A type mother like me, it’s hard to see the goal, how I am making an imprint on the earth, what my contribution as a mother is to society and to the furthering of Christianity around the globe.

In his fascinating book, “The Rise of Christianity,” sociologist Rodney Stark makes some little known observations about the important role women played in the furthering of the Christian faith. In the days of the Apostle Paul, there were precious few men who were known as Christians. Not many men married either, so there were only a few Christian men to go around for all the women who needed husbands. That’s why Paul’s admonition to win over their husbands without words was so timely. Not only did most women provide the faith anchor for their home, they were effectively creating and maintaining a new Christian culture that went against the culture of the day. They were not aborting their babies or performing infanticide as was common Roman practice. They were caring for their children and others generously as exemplified by Jesus Christ. Some of their husbands never came to know Jesus as Savior, but a high percentage of their children did, and so did their children’s children. Remember Timothy? It was his mother and grandmother that were mentioned as those who instituted his heritage of faith. These self sacrificing women may have even died in the midst of their service to the Lord, but their powerful legacy lived on in their children and in the testimony of the lives they touched. Certainly theirs was a quiet, but powerful force that effected change in heaven and on earth.

The son of God was born of a woman. For some reason, God chose a woman to birth the Savior. Is it possible that he used women to birth the church as well? God is still using this quiet force today. He isn’t using us because the men won’t cooperate, he is using us strategically, as his first choice to carry the legacy forward. There are lots of things that both men and women can do. There are some things only men can do, but there are also things only a woman can do.

Too many women have belittled themselves and the role they play in their homes, in the church, and in their society. Some of them are blaming unbelieving or absent spouses for the woes they face. The blame game got Eve nowhere, and it gets us nothing to this day. If you are relying on the power of God to make you a good mom today, you are doing your part to create a better tomorrow, to further the cause of Christ. Every word of instruction or nugget of wisdom or attitude of joy and love you pass to your children is firmly planted for eternity. Hell itself lacks the power to take away the righteousness you choose to establish in your family. So here’s to moms, take heart! We, the silent force, are overcoming the world just as Jesus overcame it for us!


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