Finger Licking Good

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Spiritual Growth
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The word “good” sometimes gets convoluted in our modern minds just as any other value laden term like “love” or “peace.” On kiddie report cards, “good” is just short of “excellent” or “outstanding.” We use it to describe something that is quaint and safe- something we wink our eye at and smile. So when scripture speaks of “good and perfect gifts” coming down from the Father or the fact that we are to pursue the “goodness” of God, we often end up with a strangely emasculated form of goodness that we try to eek out and hold up for others.

Earlier in my life I tended to over-spiritualize the idea of goodness. I thought, okay, goodness is like brussel sprouts. They are bitter, but they are “good” for me so I’d better endure it. It was as though anything good for me was going to have a bitter edge to it. In the pursuit of goodness, I felt it was necessary to seek out the bitterness in order to attain the goodness. It felt like those who had it really bad were really the spiritual ones. Unconsciously, we separate the “church good” or “good for me” from true “finger-licking good.”

So often, the gospel or “good” news we present to people is the same way. Instead of the “finger-licking” good news or the kind you’d experience if you’d won the lottery, it is the ho hum type of good news akin to the news that there is a ten percent off sale at Dillard’s. We, as believers, don’t fully know our own news.

When the people of God were told about the promised land, God was essentially telling them that this was “finger-licking good.” It was the land flowing with milk and honey, able to feed their bodies and their taste buds. When Jesus came turning water into wine, healing the sick, raising the dead, the religious people didn’t know what to do. Their brand of “goodness” was being turned on its head. If you are reading this and you don’t know God firsthand, please believe me. The gospel is far better than what you have probably heard. It’s what you’ve been craving all along. When you experience it, you’ll find that it is so good we won’t even need to tell you that it’s good for you.

The word “Sozo” is the word used in the New Testament for “salvation.” It does not mean, “turned into a goody two shoes.” What it really means is “rescued, delivered from bondage, healed, restored, made whole, preserved.” It’s what we’re paying big money to get in our society. This is the kind of news that will have you jumping up and down. I love the fact that Jesus didn’t check to see if people believed in him before he healed them, served them the food he multiplied, or let them taste his wine. He did it just because he was good. The smart ones said, “I want to spend the rest of my life following someone like that.” Whatever the cost, it’s worth paying. It doesn’t take a genius to explain that this guy is good. No wonder the crowds were pressed in around him. Is this your Jesus?


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