The Humanity of Jesus

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Spiritual Growth
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The man Jesus. Seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? It seems that most people who emphasize the humanity of Jesus do it to discredit him, to say that he was not who he claimed to be. But I believe that Jesus was everything he claimed to be, and still is. So, why did he love to be called “Son of Man”? You would think he would have preferred the title, “Son of God.” We can forget that God loves humanity, that he is the Designer of each person of which it comprises.

We know that scripture says Jesus humbled himself and took human form in order to take on the penalty for sin for us all. We usually assume that he gritted his teeth and took the plunge, hating it all the while. Well, I’m pretty sure he did hate going to the cross. However, knowing God, I’ll bet the father wept for the beauty and joy of it all when he saw his son born into humanity: humanity, with each face formed just as the Father created it. Though this humanity was marred from the stain of sin, I still think that the Father saw beauty shining through. And the way he created us, so majestically powerful, yet so beautifully dependent– in his image he created us, male and female. So Jesus was born and grew as a man, the second-chance Adam, infused with Love. He wasn’t the half-god half-man like the Greek gods and goddesses. He was fully God, fully man. God had come to reside in the representation of his image. He got into his own masterpiece and forever etched his Name.

As Jesus walked along the pavement of earth he “grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God and men.” It also says that he “learned obedience.” Has it ever struck you as odd that Jesus had to grow in wisdom or learn obedience? He was perfect, was he not? Perhaps our view of perfection is a bit skewed. You know how children have to learn to master any skill, step by step? We think our babies are perfect, but not because they have a perfect batting average or have even mastered potty training, but because they are not accountable for such things yet. Maybe that’s a little more how it is for us in the spiritual realm. God doesn’t require us to master it all in our ignorance, yet he can still view us as perfect, bought by the blood of Jesus. We get all bent out of shape about not being perfect, when perfection is really meant to be a process. Submission is a process. Boldness is a process. Integrity is a process. Love is a process.

Jesus slept, he ate, he had a few “bodily functions” no doubt. He had relationships and obligations. He had the same 24 hour period we all do. He did all he did through the same Father we have. He did it walking with God step by step. The first time Jesus was rejected, he forgave and he grew. The first time he had to take a stand for truth, he grew in wisdom. The first time he was tempted, he found a way out, and in this way he “learned obedience.” The humanity of Jesus reminds us that he had firsts at all he did. But he was able to tap into his Father so that the “firsts” led to the “nexts” and straight through to the “lasts.” So that the last time he released healing, people were healed. With that next to last breath on the cross, he released a prisoner from eternal bondage.

We need to stop distancing ourselves from Jesus, concluding that we are scum. Yes, we can live like Jesus. He was a man with a pretty great Dad, just like us! We don’t get to say, “I’m only human.” Yes, we are human. But we are humans infused with the Spirit of God. We have more than Jesus had. We have the benefit of a debt that is already paid. We have his words recorded in a book. We don’t walk down the same exact path as Jesus, but we walk the way he walks. God gives us our own individualized path. He holds us accountable only for the opportunities he presents us. There are probably many firsts waiting for your along this path. When will you take your next “first” step?


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