Far removed from the Happy Days of “The Fonze” the idea of what is “cool” is constantly bring redefined. Today it seems that we’ve even embraced “nerd” culture as sort of a new cool. Interesting, isn’t it? I know the idea of being “cool” is usually associated with a superficial view of a person. But if we, as Christians, are attempting to redefine the culture around us according to Jesus, it begs the question, “What is cool in this kingdom of God?” I want to know, not so I can shun those who haven’t “made it”– Lord have mercy, far from it. I want to know so I can live in that kind of attractive freedom that I see so many walking in. Okay, so here are some of my thoughts on the subject and I’d be interested to know yours.

Kingdom cool is a lack of concern over temporal things. They have stuff, they use stuff, they lose stuff. It’s all just stuff to them. They are amazingly void of that tight grasp with which others hold on to temporal things. It’s almost as though they are storing up riches in some offshore eternal bank account somewhere…

Kingdom cool is a sincere interest in others. Not kissing up to others for how they can benefit you, not making others like you just because you need to be liked, but loving people for their sake, for the sake of spreading blessing around. Not loving only those who are like them, but seeking to understand those who differ.

Kingdom cool is a lack of concern of the false judgements of others. When others make false judgements toward them, people who are kingdom cool don’t get their panties in a wad. They don’t even get offended. They retain their confidence in the Lord and trust him to bring proper conviction to their hearts.

Kingdom cool is a confidence in one’s identity in Christ. These people know who they are and don’t allow anything to take that away. They know their gifts and their calling and, though they have not figured it all out, they are not afraid of what may come. They use their authority with boldness and take a stand in Jesus’ name.

Kingdom cool is pushing others ahead by honoring them. These people eagerly seek to show honor where honor is due. They have learned the secret of honor, that to get true honor, they truly and sincerely honor each another. The honor of others is their truest reward.

Kingdom cool is a respect for the ministries of others. They honor positions of authority both in the world and in the church. These people refuse to sully the name of Jesus by gloating in the weaknesses of another believer or ministry. They are known more for what they stand for, not what they stand against. They avoid putting up walls and make every effort to live peaceably as far as it concerns them. Their first concern is that the kingdom goes forward.

Kingdom cool doesn’t lord over others. Regardless of their position, they know that people have choices and that they cannot force people to do what they desire. They draw people to them from love and by the Spirit within. They pull people not merely to themselves, but ultimately, to Jesus.

Kingdom cool is an acceptance of kingdom dorks. This may be the most important thing about our kingdom. It’s okay if you’ve been a “kingdom dork” from time to time. All of us have. New to the kingdom or even more experienced, we’ve each made our share of faux pas.

My purpose in making the distinction of kingdom cool to kingdom dorkiness is to playfully and kindly point you to Jesus who can help you get somewhere in this kingdom. He doesn’t want you to make a fool of yourself, he wants to honor you. And it’s a lot easier for him to honor us if we chill out a bit, trust Him, and truly be “kingdom cool” from the inside out. Thanks to all those in my life who have showed me what it means!


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