I’d like to share with you a workbook I created designed to help you define your goals and help focus your life around the things that matter. Originally created for members of my church, I believe anyone can benefit from this discovery process. Check it out, print it out, and let it help you ask yourself the right questions to help you get to the next important step in your life. In the coming weeks, I plan on posting more details and instruction on the journey through this book. Here’s to living every day with passion and purpose in Christ! If you use this resource, I’d love to hear how it has affected you. Thank you!

Passion and Purpose Activate Discovery Guide (Most updated guide posted on March 19, 2012. If you came here before this time, you may want to check out the changes!)

Many thanks to Kem Stickl for encouraging and inspiring me, taking the time to answer questions for me, as she developed something similar for Whitehaven Road Baptist Church. Also thanks to Diane O’Connor at oconnorcoaching.com for the extensive lists of core values and passions. To my talented sister, Natalie Orzame, for making it look lovely. Finally, to Byron Easterling for the insights from his book, “Dream Big, Dream Often” which led me to totally revamp several aspects of this resource. I’m sure the process is not over yet. 🙂



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