Supercharge Your Imagination

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Spiritual Growth
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Most of us want to be good people. We want to live at peace with people if we can help it. At least I think we do. If you don’t, maybe this blog will be a waste of your time. Assume with me for a moment that we are eternal beings. I know many of you are still with me on this one. As eternal beings we have this intrinsic dissatisfaction with the ordinary. Do you feel it inside you from time to time? You want to be good and to do good to others even when others may not be so generous, but somehow you feel that being good in the normal way is not enough.

We all get dissatisfied from time to time. Some of us try to push down our dissatisfaction and pretend that we’re content. Some of the prayers you prayed didn’t get answered like you wanted them to and you pretend it doesn’t bother you. But maybe you think twice before wasting your time on another prayer. I submit to you that our problem is that we have lost our imagination for what is good. We limit our possibilities by earthly thinking.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say we are in the midst of a difficult relationship. We limit all our options to one dimension. Well, I did this and that. I tried everything and it is still not working. I’ve done my part and that is all I can do. We wash our hands of it and we are done. While it is true that we don’t want to end up spinning our wheels in an endlessly hopeless relationship, sometimes we forget that we are eternal beings. Humanly speaking we may have done all we can do, but have we already ruled out the supernatural possibilities? I know I have done it all too often.

Sometimes it just takes too much energy to believe. It’s like when my five year old boy wants to take me on some epic journey with him in his imagination and I just don’t have time for it. I know that when it’s over, nothing about the realities of my life will have changed. Another picture comes to mind of Mary Poppins, always a trifle irritated by her childish friend Bert who causes her to be forced to summon her powerful Mary Poppins imagination to pop in and out of pictures on the sidewalk or take a ride on the clouds with the chimney sweeps.

You see, in order to enter into the supernatural realm, we have to be adept at imagining possibilities beyond the natural realm. You know, God could give you a word aptly spoken at just the right time. He could intervene in circumstances far beyond our reach. He could do any number of wonderful things beyond what we hear in fairy tales or watch on TV. But we reason that we don’t want to “get our hopes up.” If we claim to believe in God, he requires that our hopes are perpetually “up.”

Remember Philippians 4:8 about thinking on things that are good, trustworthy, lovely, or excellent? If we had no imagination, that kind of thinking might get kind of boring. The very idea that we think goodness or heaven might be boring is proof that we have not exercised our imaginations in the realm of goodness. This God has no limits. His creation is boundless. And each new creation bears witness to his non-boring qualities. How much closer can we get to imitating our Creator than when we ourselves engage in creating ourselves? By contrast, how boring is selfishness? It limits all our thinking to a single earthen vessel. When people exercise their imaginations in the realm of selfishness, they get dumber and dumber. In this mindset, the answer to every problem is “me, me, me.”

Jesus tried to get us out of mere earthly thinking when he reminded us to go the extra mile, to love even our enemies, to ask, to seek, and knock. And who could ignore the miracles he performed that he commanded his disciples to imitate? This was a proactive faith that was never before proclaimed. Instead of merely doing your duty, see what could lie beyond!

What if instead of living a naturally good life, we started living supernaturally good lives? What if you could have more than a comfortable life? What if you could step beyond the dimensions of where most people live? Such a life can be attained free of charge. And it all starts in the realm of the super charged imagination.


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