Developing Your Passion Community: P&P Part 7

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Passion and Purpose
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If we are talking about developing a community of believers who are free to help each other move forward in their own personal passion and purpose, we must first consider what makes our passions different from people in the world. Please take some time to complete pages 20-21 of your Discovery Guide. We must consider the passions of Jesus. These passions help anchor us to truth.

Some Passions of Jesus:
– Intimate Relationship with the Father
– Carrying Out His Calling
– The Church, His Bride
– The Sheep of Israel (both lost and found)
– The Lost World
– Making Disciples
– The Poor, Weak, or Disenfranchised
– Setting People Free from False Religion

Can you think of any more passions of Jesus? All throughout scripture we see heroes of our faith who were impassioned by the passions of God. If you have the Holy Spirit within, likely your passions will be fueled by the Spirit of the one who is within. If you care nothing for the passions of Jesus, maybe it’s time you began a true relationship with him.

So, what is a Passion Community and how can we develop one? A Passion Community is a group of people with whom you share the pursuit of your purpose and passions.

Why do you need a Passion Community?

1. Faith comes by hearing, and speaking, the purposes of God over your life. If you have no one to share with, the dreams of your heart will only remain dreams.

2. Secondly, your dreams will never be realized in a vacuum. They will take shape and fully form in the soil of relationship. They may only be a vapor of imagination until others are able to breathe life into them with their thoughts and ideas. We must take care not to hoard our dreams for fear of losing them. It is when we share them and allow ourselves to be vulnerable in them that God can really move upon them.

3. Another important reason for a Passion Community is that intentionally pursuing people that are not normally in your group of friends will pull you out of some of your old, limiting habits. It can cause you to see things in a new light, getting you out of the rut of your usual mindsets. It helps protect us against “passion suckers” which can be old habits, old friends, old mindsets that have kept us stuck in a rut.

4. Having a Passion Community expands our knowledge in a way that nothing else can. In community we have access to books, understandings, connections, and a wealth of experiences that we could not have gained alone. When we share our dreams with those who are serious about their own, we are automatically more likely to follow through on what we have spoken. It’s easy to stay where you are when you have not made any indication to anyone that you might want more.

Who do you invite into your Passion Community?

The first thing we need to do is to know how to spot and attract “Passion Pursuers.”

Here are some telltale signs of Passion Pursuers.

– They are excited and energetic.
– They are unapologetic for what they are called to do.
– They make little of their own sacrifice in light of their calling.
– They ignite passion in others.
– They share some of the core passions of Jesus.

I hope and pray you can, not only find some of these people to influence your life, but become this kind of person to others.

There are some mindsets and beliefs that you need as you develop your Passion Community. These mindsets will attract Passion Pursuers and sustain your relationships with them. They help create a fertile atmosphere for dreaming and active faith.

Core Beliefs of a Passion Community
– There is more than enough (talent, resource, people, favor) to go around.
– We are more than foot soldiers, we are royalty.
– We all have unlimited access to the unmerited favor of God.
– God has the power to change our desires.
– We have the power to affect the heart and purposes of God.
– We have the responsibility to carry out our purpose with careful regard for the purposes God has for others.
– God does not do everything for us; there are some things we have to do.
– There are some things only God can do.

Do you wrestle with any of these mindsets in your own life?

Think about your responses when others share their dreams? Do you ever respond with these mindsets?

As you begin to think about people who should be included in your Passion Community, you can include the following types of people with their various functions:

1. People who encourage and believe in your dreams.
2. People who you encourage in their dreams.
3. People with whom you share on a mutual basis.

Ideally, numbers 1 and 2 will morph into a number 3 relationship in which the process of discovery is a mutual one. However, don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t always happen. Some are meant simply to have one role or another in your life, even just for a time. They are all important keys to us working together to discover God’s amazing adventure for our lives.

As you begin to have conversations and invite them into intentional community with you, let these principles guide you.

10 Commandments of a Passion Community
1. No ideas are shunned or mocked.
2. No obstacles are insurmountable.
3. Honesty is required.
4. Transparency is required.
5. Challenges are embraced.
6. Joy and peace are pursued.
7. The passions of Jesus are at the forefront.
8. Creativity is exercised.
9. Healthy relational boundaries protect relationships.
10. Everyone is responsible to take action on their own God-ideas.

Make it your goal to touch base with at least one of these people per week. When you want to accelerate your pace, do it more often and with more people. Don’t assume your purpose is not worth someone else’s time. Give as well as get and you will find that these could be some of the most rewarding relationships ever. Why don’t you make plans now to invite someone into your Passion Community?


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