The Power of Shared Vision: P&P Part 9

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Passion and Purpose, Relationships
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As you begin to dream, you increase your ability to dream bigger, in concentric circles. It is important that you can dream on all levels. We need to have a dream for our own character, but we also need to have a dream for our families, our workplaces, our regions, and our world. Check out these levels of purpose and see whether or not you are stuck in each one.

Levels of Purpose

1. Purposes that affect only me.

2. Purposes that affect only me and my closest loved ones.

3. Purposes that affect my church or workplace.

4. Purposes that affect my community or field of expertise.

5. Purposes that affect my region, my country, and my world.

(You can either grow your influence geographically or based on the value you bring to a specific niche of people, or a combination of both.)

As you can see, when your dreams or purposes get bigger, the burden is on God to increase your realm of favor and influence. We need to have dreams that begin with ourselves. God cares about our own personal desires, but we also need to challenge ourselves to broaden our sights to the world around us. If we have eyes to see only ourselves, we will be stuck with vision that is too small for the destiny God intends.

Some ministries, like the people that lead them, tend to operate from a poverty mindset. This is a mindset in which there is only a fixed amount to go around for everyone. It results in the inability of leaders to build bridges from one ministry to another. So they fight and grab, infringing on the territory of another ministry. Leaders with a wealthy mindset do not feel the need to mark off their territory or keep their distance from others. They know that there are plenty of people and resources to go around. They have confidence in God’s ability to provide for them. Like Abraham who said to Lot, “you pick your first choice of the land,” was confident in God’s ability to protect his promise. No amount of human politicking or hoarding makes any difference when the king of the universe is on your side.

Here are some first steps toward vision sharing:

1. Find a vision to support that is bigger than yours.

2. Find individuals who share aspects of your vision and begin meaningful conversations with them. Invite them into your life and allow them input into your ministry. (I believe it is important to do this with people who are near to you geographically as well as those who are near to you in interests or philosophy.)

3. Find ways to use your influence to support the dreams of another. You can do this in many ways from social media to your conversations with others. Don’t waste your time tearing down the things that bother you. Rather, spend time building up the things you want to promote.

4. Practice 360 degree leadership (Courageous Leadership, Hybels). Extend your influence in all directions, leading yourself, leading your peers, leading subordinates, and leading your leaders.

5. Model good habits of collaboration: within your ministry, ministry to ministry, and ministry within ministry.

In your journey, you will encounter the following types of people.

1. People who will challenge your vision. Byron Easterling, in his book “Dream Big, Dream Often,” likes to call these people “black holes.” I have also referred to them as “passion suckers.” They always point out the negative and cannot get behind your vision or encourage it in any way. To hang out with these people on a regular basis would not be healthy. However, you can learn some of your weaknesses and blind spots from these people. So don’t ignore them, but be sure not to let them drain you of the energy you have to execute the vision God has implanted in you.

2. People who will fully support you and your vision. You must love these people and treat them with the highest respect. They are a gift of God to you, evidence of the favor of God on you. Listen to them, value them, give them what they need to make serving your vision a delight.

3. People who will ignite the spark of vision within you. People like this have a high level of excitement and are most likely going after their own dreams with gusto. Get around these people as much as possible and let their positivity rub off on you!

4. People who will give you invaluable input. These people have wisdom to help you see around the corners. They may have specialized knowledge in a specific field. They may be able to help you with fresh ideas or innovative strategies to getting around obstacles.

5. People who will share some aspect of your vision and lend strength to an aspect of your vision. These people will have valuable input, but who will also be more heavily invested in enacting your vision. Pay special attention to these people. Know them and their strengths well. Teach them to value each other and you will have a great team!

6. People who will help you to broaden your vision. There are visionaries out there who have learned to expand their minds beyond the borders of what you are able to see. Try to glean something from leaders like this. Even if the closest you can get to such a leader is by reading his or her book, take all that you can from them and allow them to challenge you to keep expanding your vision casting paradigms.

The more we wrestle through issues together, the more we talk and confer with one another, the more we allow others influence in our ministries, the better we are able to come together in unity and accomplish a worthy mission. We have to not fear conflict or change. We come together as powerful carriers of vision. Treat others as power carriers, as the royalty that they are. In this environment, we never need to force someone to get in line with our authority. Rather, we win the right to speak into people. We win the right to collaborate and affect the ministries of others. We grow in our ability to lead in all directions, 360 degrees.

Have you shared your vision with others? Have you begun to develop your Passion Community? Covenant with at least one person to invest in their vision as they invest in yours through prayer, through commitment, through friendship and through the support of one another’s gifts.


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