“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you.” Sound familiar? Powerful words. How clever of Walt Disney to realize and capitalize on the power of our wishes and desires! Perhaps he knew the power of our dreams firsthand, I think he had a few of his own… Soon enough we grow up and realize that it is not enough to simply wish on a star, that our actions help determine our future, our actions mixed with a little bit of faith, luck, providence, whatever term you prefer, is what we believe will fulfill the desires of our hearts.

If you can confidently say that you can see where you want to go and you are moving toward the dream that is in your heart, then you know that you are a dream pursuer. However, if you are like most of the world, there is something you want that you don’t yet have. Not only do you not yet have it, but you seem to be far from the road to getting there. You may not even know what that something is, but it is gnawing inside of you when you wake up and when you lie down. The greater visibility and significance of your dream, the more likely you are to feel this way, because you feel so far from where you feel you are meant to be. This is the plight of the dream sick.

People who are dream sick lead often perpetuate their own state and lead others down a similar path. You see, it is very hard to see possibilities in others when you doubt that there is anything worthwhile in yourself. When you are in a constant search for validation from others, you tend not to see and make room for others in their own search. Your greatest hope of getting out of this state is that your frustrations will cause you to be willing to take a risk, to get a strategy, and to make a change.

There is a secret that many successful people have realized. The path to their own happiness is found in the relentless search to make many other people happy. Now don’t stop reading here. The second part is equally important. They cannot make many other people happy unless they know who they are and can describe and pursue the greatest gift that they offer the world.

Knowing who we are and what we have to offer is no simple question to answer. It requires much soul searching, prayer, and even some divine intervention. It takes people along our paths to help get us there. When we realize that people are our path, we have to learn how to develop rapport with people, lots of people, in order to share who we are with them and so they can share who they are with us.

So often, we see people one dimensionally. When you see a person one dimensionally, you unconsciously say to yourself, “This person needs what I have,” without one thought that they may have something you need as well. On the other hand, you may see someone else in a one dimensional way by saying, “I need what this person has,” without the thought that you may also be able to contribute to the life of this person in some way. Relationship is, by definition, a process of give and take. Even if all you ever do is buy someone’s book, you are contributing to the life of an author in some way. A mutual give and take is the only healthy way to build a relationship, build a life, and build a dream. You may think that you give and take, but you may be grossly underestimating what you can take or what you can give, or maybe even both. Dream pursuers are learners, headed down the path of getting it right in this arena.

Part of my dream is helping others to realize their dreams, which is why I developed the Passion and Purpose Guide that you can find on this blog site. This guide helps people define who they are at this season of their life. However, defining who you are will mean nothing unless you can help others define who they are. Anything of value you bring to the world will help serve this purpose: whether it is creating your own line of handbags, selling ice cream, writing books, or parenting. When we interact with others we are helping them define what is important to them. Even the commercials you watch on TV are attempting to help you define who you are. By all means, get what you need to define who you are so that you can stop holding your gifts back from others. Then, when you are not holding back who you are, you’ll be less likely to hold someone else back from who they are.

I’d love to hear where you are on this journey!

To my email and blog subscribers, I just want to say thanks. Especially to those who have encouraged me… You keep me writing!


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