Significance. We all want it in one form or another. Some seek it in illegitimate ways, while others think that it is wrong to seek it at all. Still others have simply given up seeking, concluding that a life of significance is not for them.

The quest for significance reminds me of the movie, The Man in the Iron Mask. Twin boys were born. One brother, Philippe, is stolen away and locked in seclusion while the other brother, Louis, is made prince, and eventually king. Years pass and the identity the mystery man must be protected, so a mask is made to fit his face. No one can know who he is, including himself. When the king becomes volatile, the Three Musketeers come to rescue Philippe and teach him how to act as the king. Much unlike his brother, Philippe is kind and good and in the end, he is the one who rules.

In this story, Philippe was merely posing as king. In our story we, who follow Jesus, are the true heirs to the throne. We read how we are a “royal priesthood” and then close our Bibles and go on our merry way. We want to believe, but deep down we think, “That’s a nice thought, but come on, can everyone be a king? Can we all have significance? Likely story.” The “real world” teaches us that there is only room for one king of every mountain and unless we fight our way to that position, we will never make it. We don’t realize that we already have it within us to act with the power and grace of royalty.

Jesus said that if we ask anything in His name, our requests will be granted. He said, he has given us the keys to the kingdom and the gates of hell will not prevail against us. He demonstrated (through his miraculous feeding of thousands) how riches will abound to us so that we will be able to be generous on all occasions. He showed us how to decree things and see them come to pass. Sounds like royalty to me.

I am intrigued by this Man in the Iron Mask concept. For so long, I have felt like the girl in the iron mask. My truest identity was hidden, even from me. I need to be taught how to be the person I am inside. I believe that the renewing of our minds goes beyond being able to stay away from sin. When our minds our renewed, it speaks to our identity most of all. Do you see yourself as a sinner who loves God, or a lover of God who sometimes sins? See the difference? Anything that has motivated me to make a change in my life speaks to my identity. If I believe that I am destined to a mediocre existence, I will not discipline myself to get beyond it. If I see myself as a mere slave who responds to orders, I will never lead others. If I think that I am not worth the cost of the life I desire, I will never ask for more.

People are born into royalty, just as we are “reborn” into it as believers. But we also need to be brought up into it, taught how to reign. We have been taught by the “poor dad” of the world, but we need to learn from our “rich dad.” In this world, we are taught how to follow, not how to rule. Whole countries base their philosophy on this principle, such as those who are communist. The problem with treating people like slaves is that they begin acting like slaves. Studies have shown that when innocent people are treated like criminals, they begin displaying criminal behavior.

Royalty has no time to trifle with hoarding, petty jealousies, uncontrolled appetites, and unbridled tongues. If they are brought up into their royalty, they know that these things will only lead to their ineffectiveness and ultimate demise. Royalty needs to spend more time thinking about improving their communication, leadership strategies, healthy lifestyle, higher learning, and discerning the truth about others.

Too many Christians, myself included, do not take their significance seriously enough. We think of ourselves as “regular Joes.” We are not “regular Joes” we are kings and queens in plain clothing. If we have not been brought up in our royalty, we do not know how to speak so that people listen, to know how to put away the trifles of most people. I believe that there should be a disproportionately high number of Christians in places of leadership, influence, and authority. Sometimes these places will be quite unseen, but I believe many of these places are yet to be occupied. I am convinced that the reason this is not so is because we have only remnants of our royalty and have not been brought up in it. We are too busy with the trifles of paupers to learn how to rule and reign. How can we bring more people into the kingdom when we have so few kings?

I am asking the Lord, even as I type, to show me who I am. I need him to bring me up into this title that he has bestowed. So often I still act as though I am a peasant girl, scraping by just to survive. I hope this article will cause you to think about the ways that you too have unconsciously abdicated your throne. Together, may we take this kingdom yet!

  1. Thank you! Your blog posts always seem to be filled with the right content and come at exactly the right moment when I need them the most. Thank you God for using your amazing King Leigh! It is an honor to learn from such royalty how to find my own royalty in being your precious daughter…thank you God and I praise you with everything I am in You…a King…amazing!

  2. Judy says:

    WOW!! So true. Thank you for putting it in words.

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