There is a subconscious order to which we tend to subscribe. It is this feeling of knowing our boundaries, our limitations, and our social strata. You know, like in The Matrix, normal life before you are faced with the choice of which pill to take: the red pill or the blue pill? When I consider the life of Jesus, it seemed as though he was walking according to another reality, one very different from the norm. Many of us call it kingdom-mindedness. However, I feel we have only begun to scratch the surface of what kingdom-mindedness really means. I think it means having our senses heightened to a new awareness.

Typically, when I walk into a room, I immediately judge people based on their attire, their manner, their age, a whole host of things. For example, when I walk into a restaurant and ask for a table, I assume that the hostess who seats me is not a millionaire or a graduate of Harvard University. When I walk into a doctor’s office, I trust the doctor and assume that he is not cheating on his spouse. We are often blind to very real needs because we cannot perceive them, or we have needs and we walk right past people with answers because we assume they have nothing to offer. That’s probably why scriptures speak of humans entertaining angels, unaware that they are doing so. We can be so entrenched in our own groove and pattern of perception that we miss the reality itself.

Have you ever wondered if, while in conversation, you may have missed something that could have been a real key to breakthrough for you, or maybe for the person you are talking to? Like maybe if God would have just stopped time, you may have gotten it to sink in? Perhaps, it’s happening even now while you read. Have you ever been so thoroughly engrossed in your own bubble that you failed to notice the answer to your prayer lying right under your nose? It’s almost like watching those movies in which you know that two people need to meet and communicate, but they miss it by inches, seconds, words. The entire course of their lives depend on getting it right and they completely miss the boat. Until, of course, the end of the movie, if it is an American film and they all live happily ever after. If it is a foreign film, the pair may be forever doomed. I sure hope that I get it before the end of my “movie,” or at least before the credits roll.

Jesus took an entirely different route. He was always listening, always sensing, always filtering. He heard stuff like this: Pay attention to that man Zaccheus up there in that tree… Don’t answer the religious leaders this time, just let it go… This is not your time, slip away… This woman needs you… Come away into the desert for a while… That friend of yours is dead wrong on this one… Let the children come… Go ahead, it’s okay to do what is in your heart to do… Here’s what you can say now…

Whenever we compare ourselves to Jesus, we run the risk of becoming so overwhelmed with how little we measure up and how far we’ve yet to go. But I don’t think that it is a linear distance we have to travel in order to get the perspective of Jesus. Rather, it is a matter of orienting ourselves to a new dimension. Jesus said it himself, (paraphrased) “You guys can do this stuff too. It’s no mystery. All I am doing is going to Dad.” I believe it’s as easy as a mind shift and a willingness to let it take you where He leads.

Isn’t it funny how freely and regularly we will trust our own feeble perspectives over the hints of the Holy Spirit? Most of those times I spent questioning God’s voice, my questioning has stemmed from a misunderstanding of who God is toward me. I thought he wanted to humiliate me or put me in some kind of risk. At times I thought that he was a killjoy that didn’t want me to enjoy my life or be truly fulfilled here on earth. I forgot that he came to bring life, and life more abundantly. The Holy Spirit is not out to humiliate us, quite the opposite. He is there to make us more powerful. And that power is humbling. It causes a God kind of confidence to arise– a God kind of freedom that is a whole lot of fun! Yes, I said it, FUN!

So will you take the pill of your own limited advice, or take the one prescribed by the Holy Spirit…the one less chosen?


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