John the Beloved: Unlikely Vessels

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Creative Writing

This monologue was written for an Unlikely Vessels series at our church for a video presentation. It is written from the perspective of John, one of the closest disciples to Jesus.

You did know that I was one of the twelve original disciples of Jesus. I was the one that Jesus loved.

I was so young at the time. Just a boy really.

I think the other disciples must have questioned why Jesus called me along with the rest of them. Like maybe he was just permitting me to tag along. But I knew why. You may think it strange or haughty, but I always knew, even as a little boy, that I would help to change the world.

The Sons of Thunder, that’s what James and I were called, and rightly so. We had a mind to set the world right, and we were not going to do it sitting down. My brother might tell you some of the rash things I said or did– I’m sure there were plenty. But I’ll tell you what I remember from those days with Jesus.

I remember his amazing kindness and gentleness, how he could see right through a person. It actually contributed to his strength and authority rather than diminishing it. I had never seen anything like it in any other man.

I discovered such a strong force of agape love when I was with him. Many have repeated his words, but I only wish you could have seen his face, the love that was in his eyes. Especially that day when he used this pitcher (indicate pitcher nearby) to wash our feet. I remember thinking, “What kind of king is this… who would wash his subjects’ feet with his own hands?”

The more time I spent close to him, the more convinced I became that this love was the very thing that was going to change the world.

And so, John, the son of Zebedee, the Son of Thunder became, John the Beloved.

I went into this discipleship thing with Jesus thinking James and I were gonna get divine power to cut off all the enemies of Jesus. But the power we received was much stronger.

This power of love caused his enemies to fall at his feet and worship him. I witnessed it time and time again… it was simply incredible. It was unarguably divine and I had no way of fully understanding it, only accepting it.

Who would have thought a Son of Thunder would be speaking words like this?

John, the one whom Jesus loved, it has a nice ring to it don’t you think?


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