Today it seems we are privy to more and more opinions than we have been in any other preceding generation. When I was in first grade, I learned the difference between fact and opinion. But somehow, I do not think that the difference between fact and opinion is always so easily discernible as it seemed to be in first grade. Just because it has a number beside it and an expert endorsing it, doesn’t mean it is fact. Just because it has emotion attached to it, doesn’t mean it is merely opinion. We have to first agree that we were created with the ability to reason, to be able to understand that there is an absoluteness to truth. There is an unshakability to the principles upon which we stand.

Extreme liberals tend toward claiming that there is no such things as absolute truth, that our opinions are all we have. On the other hand, extreme conservatives tend to define truth, not by generally applicable principles, but by specific applications of those principles. Let me give you an example. We know that gravity is a principle of the physical world. However, we have also learned that gravity changes according to the earth’s gravitational pull. Therefore, the gravity on Earth is relative to the gravity on Jupiter. Extending this idea out into our daily lives, an extreme conservative may narrowly define how we are to live rather than assert the principles that should guide our lives. For example, they may think that there is only one way to teach your children, asserting these methods loudly and ignoring the possibility that there are many acceptable ways to train up children.

What we so often need to do is to take a step back and look at the principles that govern our behavior. According to the law of gravity, we understand that the mass of objects causes their gravitational pull upon each other. We have learned a principle that explains the differences between gravitational pull on different planets, different objects. The gravitational pull is not just an opinion, it is a principle that works, verified over and over again. In the same way, there are principles to guide our lives. We all have deep rooted principles upon which we govern our lives, liberal and conservative alike. In our day, we so desperately need people who can unearth and articulate these principles in a respectful manner.

Instead of just bullying one another with the way we interpret truth, we need to take a closer look at the underlying principles behind truth. Believers in Jesus Christ, we have a great opportunity to access Truth. Think about that when you comment on an article or post something on social media. I am so thankful for our country’s value for freedom of speech. This means that I have the freedom to carefully govern what I say, not license to rip people to shreds. I can be strong in what I believe with no apologies. However, in the marketplace of ideas, the principles that should govern us are principles of love and honor. Our core principles can remain steadfast while the out working of these principles may change. An open mind is one that can be grounded in principle while seeking to understand and interpret the viewpoints of another. There are times when we will need correction and adjustments in our thinking. There are times when we have to hold true to our convictions in the face of abuse. May we do so with the principle that overrides them all– the principle of love.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
(1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV)

  1. Scott M. says:

    Don’t really have a comment on ” facts or Opinions ” but one of my daily readings from Randsomed Heart Ministries made me think of you Leigh.
    Warrior Princesses
    “Me, a princess?”
    “You are the legal heir.”
    “I never lead anyone.”
    “We will help you to be a princess, to rule. If you refuse to accept the throne then the
    kingdom will cease to exist as we know it.”
    –The Princess Diaries

    In God’s name we must fight them!
    –Joan of Arc

    Women are often portrayed in stories and tales as the “Damsel in Distress.” We are the ones for whom men rise up and slay dragons. We are the “weaker sex”; said to faint at the sight of blood, needing to be spared the gory details of battle whether on the field or in the market place. We are the ones waiting in our flowing gowns for the knight to come and carry us away on the back of his white horse. And yes. There are days when a knight in shining armor would be most welcome. We do long to be fought for; loved enough to be courageously protected. But there is a mighty fierceness set in the heart of women by God. It is true to who we are and what we are created to do.

    Women are warriors too.

    Redeemed women of God have tender, merciful hearts, backbones of steel and hands that have been trained for battle. There is something incredibly fierce in the heart of a woman that is to be contended with, not dismissed, not disdained, but recognized, honored, welcomed and trained.

    (Captivating , 186-188)

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