The Christ Child: It’s Personal

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Spiritual Growth
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Ever wonder why the stork doesn’t bring babies? Why do people have to go through the mess of being pregnant? Why can’t we at least just lay eggs and sit on them every once in a while? It’s hard enough being a woman. At least if we had eggs, we could make our husbands share the responsibility of incubation. In fact, we could even pay someone to do it for us. But no, made in the image of God, we as humans are destined to experience a very personal procreation process.

When I think about the Christmas story, I ponder in amazement how God implanted his holy seed into this young girl’s womb. He chose her and called her by name. The gospel says that the Holy Spirit overshadowed her and she conceived. When a woman conceives, her body chemistry immediately begins to change to accommodate for the new life. God is not Jewish, but he chose for his son to be born as a Jew, to have the genetic makeup of his mother. Mary was not just a surrogate mom, a carrier. She was part of this creation. She absolutely could not have done it without God, but Jesus would not have been the man he was without her contribution as well.

Someone once said that God doesn’t need us. That he is fully complete within himself. There may be elements of that statement that is true. However, I do not find it helpful to think of him that way. I love my son and I don’t “need” him, but in another sense, I do need him. I choose to make myself vulnerable to him in relationship. I want to partner with him to watch him become the great man he is destined to be. When God placed his seed in Mary, he was saying, “I choose to partner with humanity. I want to show them how I can be one with them just as I am one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. I choose to make myself known as a vulnerable one of them just to show them what love really looks like.”

The letter of Colossians speaks of “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Why would he choose imperfect people through which to shine his hope? I mean, he could have a much easier time showing the world purity without our convoluted attempts to shine. Jesus Christ is the hope of glory all by himself, but this Master Designer doesn’t think that the picture is right without you in it. He wants to be implanted in you. He wants to express himself uniquely through you.

When you enter the scene, this is where the story gets beautiful. In order to create the masterpiece of redemption, God had to present the grime along with the grace. He had to present the pain along with the purity. His masterpiece had to speak to us in our current state, the ones he formed from dirt. He needs the thorns to complement the beauty of the rose. It is the rose petals that inspire us toward something greater, but it is the thorns of the world that we identify with. They are reminders that his love is deep as it is wide.

If this hope of glory resides in you whether you are a man or a woman, you are pregnant. There is a God-expression, a God-dream burning inside of you. You were meant to feel the weight of it. You were meant to carry it to term. You were meant to make a mess bringing it into the world. It was meant to be personal. That thing that comes out was meant to look a little bit like you. But the thing about it is that whatever you give birth to will soon be strong enough to walk and to run. You participated in giving it life, but you will not be able to control it, only guide it and love it. What you create with God will be beyond the bounds of you. Are you ready? Is it worth the pain and the mess to you? God thought you were worth the pain and mess. Please do not abort it. Please do not ignore it. Get ready, it’s coming soon!

  1. Angie Carter says:

    that was a terrific piece Leigh. I very much enjoyed reading it ~ you are good and your writing speaks to me.

  2. Wow! Beautifully written as always! Bringing understanding and revelation to yet another piece of His great love!

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