Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I am Leigh Sloan, wife of one amazing man and mother of three adorable young children. I am a small person who enjoys thinking big thoughts. Ideas, strategy, inspiration, empowerment, and activation are all words that excite me and cause me to want to write.

My passion is to help people discover and maximize their gifts and unique purpose. I have a special interest in helping both artists and leaders overcome obstacles and develop themselves. I am a church girl, but don’t hold that against me! 🙂 Really, I love the Church, the Body of Christ, and I am fully committed to seeing the kingdom of God advance on the earth through her. I love it so much that my husband Jake and I answered the call to found Resonate Church, a new church plant in Anchorage, Alaska!

I appreciate you hearing me out and I’d love to hear what you think too! So, if you like what you read, join my journey by subscribing via email. You can come here anytime for encouragement, fresh perspective, leadership thoughts, strategies, and ideas.

  1. Debi Enyeart says:

    I liked the article very much. Good job Leigh.

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